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The ScienceBits site will eventually include three types of content.
  • The first, is course material, which is intended for university physics majors (well, also other majors which take high level physics, such as engineering). This will take time to appear (most of the notes are handwritten...)
  • The second is "fun physics". i.e., various curious questions I (the site administrator) encountered and decided to seriously tackle for fun. If you're a science freak like myself, you should find it interesting.
  • The last type of content is "serious research", i.e., interesting results I encountered in my serious research and explained in more laymen terms.
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The Author
This site is maintained by Prof. Nir J. Shaviv, who is a member of the Racah Institute of Physics in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. According to PhysicaPlus: "...his research interests cover a wide range of topics in astrophysics, most are related to the application of fluid dynamics, radiation transfer or high energy physics to a wide range of objects - from stars and compact objects to galaxies and the early universe. His studies on the possible relationships between cosmic rays intensity and the Earth's climate, and the Milky Way's Spiral Arms and Ice Age Epochs on Earth were widely echoed in the scientific literature, as well as in the general press."

More about the author here.

All the content in this site is copyright of Nir J. Shaviv. The images are either a copyright of Nir J. Shaviv, unless they are copyright free (or other public licensed) images, in which case they will be noted as such. Material cannot be used without permission (which is normally granted upon request).

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