ScienceBits Facelift

Over the past few months, I wanted to upgrade the site for various reasons.

- First, it had some problems with certain versions of IE. (Amazingly, Microsoft's software is not even fully compatible between different versions of the same software... but that's another issue altogether).

- Second, I wanted to upgrade the latex filter to something more consistent with standard latex, but that required upgrading the whole site. This is because I have the naive idea that during the semester, when I'll teach Classical Mechanics and Relativity, I'll have the time to actually typeset the notes and place them on the site. Luckily the ongoing faculty strike gave me the opportunity to do that (upgrade the site... not necessarily place the typeset the notes...).

- Third, the newer version of drupal (this is the content management system I use), has a better user interface.

- Fourth, after 1.5 years, its about time I change the theme, isn't? I hope you like the new one.

A few minor additions include an option to translate the site and navigate it in other languages (using google translation), automatic e-mail notification allowing me to approve comments as quickly as possible, a better setup for the course notes I intend to place on line, and a few other stuff as well.

Anyway, expect a few hiccups while I fine tune the upgraded site. Enjoy your stay.