Delinquent me.

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If you check the dates, you'll notice that I am utterly delinquent with respect to posting at this site. Unfortunately, it is because I have an administrative post - I am chairman of the faculty union at the Hebrew University. And it really takes up precious time, which otherwise, would have allowed me to write.

I didn't really wanted this job, but it so happened that among the active union committee members, I had the lamest excuse why I should not be the chairman. Now that I am, I know I should have been more resistive against the attempts to convince me! I do know now all about salaries, savings funds, company boards, even types of accounting, but I have less time to do the things I really like, such as science.

Anyway, the reason I am writing, is because I have many airport hours this month (traveling to NYC, Finnish Lapland, and Yunnan China, all in all, 12% of my time in march will be spent in the air!). I was really looking forward to the second trip as l hoped it would allow me to see yet another aurora. And indeed, it did.

So, I am now writing a few posts which should mature soon. In particular, I will write about results which recently appeared about how I use the oceans as a "calorimeter", to quantify the solar radiative forcing, about the auroras I have seen in Lapland, and a few other stuff as well.


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  • anon

    What a pleasant surprise to see you are blogging again!

    Looking forward to reading your new posts.

    Mar 26, 2009
  • anon

    I find your blog very informative and easy to read and understand for the layman. I'm very much looking forward to your upcoming posts.

    Have a nice day. :)

    Mar 27, 2009
  • anon
    joe (not verified)

    Hey glad to see you back here again. I hope your trip was good. Please fill us in on all the details. Also looking forward to some new posts prof. Shaviv

    Apr 08, 2009
  • anon

    Great! Glad to have you back online--I was worried that you had disappeared. Tell us about the conference in Lapland (not just the Aurorae) and your thoughts on our new solar minimums and chilly weather. Have you been able to stop by CERN in your travels to see how CLOUD is progressing?

    Apr 11, 2009
  • anon

    I have looked at your site, I like your objectivity and your guts! When I saw this "delinquant me" it made me smile :)

    I have been following Jasper Kirkby's research on CR and cloud seeding and I have done a bit of layman research on the subject of AGW, there is much bias amongst climate scientists, some kind of a dogma where "dissident-heretics" are ostricised by their peers.

    As part of the general public, I sometimes wonder about the integrity of some of the established and public respected climatologists.

    I even read that Rolf-Dieter Heuer, Director General of CERN, said in an interview that he asked his collegues to present the results of CLOUD project clearly but not interpretate them to avoid "getting into the political arena of the climate change debate."

    I am under the impression that everyone --including some climate scientists-- seem to assume that ALL natural variations suddenly became static or "conveniently" very-very neglectable since the advent of the industrial revolution, to set the grand stage "anthropogenic only" global warming.

    When scientists are supposed to be skeptical, by nature it makes one wonder about all that lack of objectivity...In my book you sit right next to Richard Feynman!

    Sep 08, 2011